I see fountains of blood
Devastation birthed of greed
Billowing sails beget a cycle of genocide
The soil is cursed, the souls suffer plague
A grim reminder of an earlier age
At what price do we aquire?

Rotten! Our souls are rotten at the core
We provoke ugliness to emerge from beauty 
Everything that we touch becomes filthy

I see bodies swinging in the wind
Faces bloated and bruised
Burning crosses brand terror into 
The heart of a race, the soul of a nation
A grim attempt at annihilation
So in slavery did we aquire.

I see barbed wire encircling
The forms of a disenfranchised population
Who based on their country of origin
Are held captive as traitors
Are taught humiliation 
So in internment did we trust none.

I see the impoverished native on the concentration camp we call a reservation
I see the innocent Arab removed from his family on false accusations
I see the see the man on death row, framed for speaking out
I see the see the welfare mother plucked from her children to slave for minimum wage
I see the perpetuation of evil and nothing has changed.  
© 2004 eveghost

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