What am I doing nowadays?

So nice of you to wonder! I do realize that to some it may appear like I’ve dropped off of the face of the planet in terms of music, and there are several reasons for that. For one, I went back to school full time, as did Marzia. Christ vs. Warhol’s other members additionally had various obligations that prevented touring. Then some jerk ran off with our money instead of mixing our second album, resulting in delays in the release of a record which has technically been finished for years.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been inactive, oh no! In addition to running a number of clubs in Oslo, Norway, I have been working on a multimedia storytelling project for 7 years, which is now finally materializing with a release slated for fall 2021. Personally, I believe I describe it best over on my patreon page so I’m just going to quote directly:

“My vision is to use a fictional musician’s webpage as a vehicle for storytelling. Not only will you find some things you would expect to find on an artist’s webpage, but there will be monthly installments of the story (what we used to call chapters!) accompanied by various media to enhance the experience and really assist immersion in the world. 

Supplemental materials (such as press excerpts, images, new music and short videos) will provide greater depth to the story, offering enhanced character insights and some fun extras. These extras won’t be required to follow the story, but they will enrich the experience. I also intend to include the occasional Easter egg, so don’t be surprised to find some unexpected elements lurking about if you’re extra keen on finding them!”

This ambitious project is currently funded out of my own pocket, but I hope that through the power of good will, it will one day become self-sustaining thanks to its readers. If you’d like to read more and support this project early-on, you can either support me on patreon by becoming a patron: http://www.patreon.com/eveghost or give a one-time donation to the project through https://www.buymeacoffee.com/eveghost and know that you are directly supporting a queer artist’s insane vision. I promise it will not disappoint and I am thankful for all and any support, monetary and non-monetary!

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