Cross of Lorraine

In the caverns of our fathers’ land we sought refuge, we sought answers
We sought shelter, we sought victory and truth
They came to claim my homeland marching goose-step, thieved and plundered
Trampling freedoms, raising foreign flags upon our squares
Sheltered by a crevice with my rifle ‘gainst my shoulder
There are some causes worth offering a miniscule life

I fought for honor, when they stripped it from me
I fought for valor, clutched defiance, they called me unworthy
Command allegiance
I spit in their faces
Commanding horrors
Their atrocities against mankind, blood on their hands, they crush the cross of lorraine

While my own brothers raise white flags of collaboration
Chastising those who dare to raise a fist of opposition
We struggle for survival against a backdrop of attrition 
Withered populations forced to serve their cunning, sly oppressors

Tarnish the earth
Carnage in their wake
For a fiendish vision our humanity at stake

My wife fears I won’t live to see my daughter reach age three
But I’d rather she live fatherless and free
Sheltered by a crevice with my rifle cocked defiant
The milicien traitors will come to know my vengeance
They will come to meet their maker, bloody Judas, bloody Judas
How will they ever cleanse their hands stained by the brothers that they have taken
© 2009 eveghost

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