Martyr Complex

You ask about the scars on my palms  
While lashing me at the wrist
And why do I stand with my arms outstretched?
Have I got a martyr complex? 

Random thought on the edge of my sanity
Collecting metaphors on the tip of my tongue
For all your barbs that would leave me undone
(And as you hung there, wallowing in your disillusionment,
Did you look down upon your followers and with all their faith in you
Did you doubt yourself?  Did you doubt?)

Forgive me all my sins
I was just being myself

Dance on the dawn on the mist between worlds
Crack in the mirror, shards of vision unfurled
From a wilted spirit, damaged soul…we’re all damaged souls!
(And when the muscles yielded to a dull ache
Your future yielded to your fate
Did the flies swarm around your flesh…holy flesh?)

Forgive me all my sins 
I was just being myself

Bitter disillusion from the pure of heart
Fortresses erected and swords brandished
Defense for the pure of the heart.  

Forgive me all my sins
I was just being myself
I repent!  I repent! I’ll make friends with myself (harder than you)
(By the blood to the death…)
© 2004 eveghost

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