We cling to progress, tear out the abscess 
Claw at the walls that shield us from our desires
They’re in the business of crushing unrest
Clutching their billy clubs and cowering behind their tazers
We’re onto their game, we’ve got their number
Refuse to let hope sift through clutching hands
They sell you product, they make you need it
We’re fed collective thoughts through rationed media

On the radio, transmission 
Purse your lips against the fear until you can’t speak anymore
On the radio, division
Stay home and nurse your fears until you can’t think anymore

We lurk in corners, just out of your field of vision
Marginalization, alienation keeps us quiet
We’re solitary, but numerous yet
It’s just deception till we dare pull our heads from the sand
We’re onto their game, we’ve got their number
See them marching with a rifle in their hands
Intimidate you, they’ll infiltrate you
Orders to obey broadcast daily far and wide

On the radio, transmission
Spouting half-truths and deception till you can’t think anymore
On the radio!!!

They purchase power, eject reporters
Claim they’re unbiased but they’re rotten to the core
They’re just a shadow, a lifeless husk of
A sacred duty, desecrated more and more
They’re out of touch with the general public
They squash our voices with their pundits and their idols
And mesmerized still, we sit immobile
We while the hours away, a morphine drip to kill the pain 

On the television spouting lies lies lies
Seizing all our airways, spouting lies lies lies
Capitalistic jargon selling waste to buy
Gorged on meaninglessness? Aren’t you satisfied?

On the radio!
(pause instrumental)

We’ll sell you war! (Boeing-Veritas-Halliburton)
We’ll sell convenience! 
We’ll tell you!

They justify it for the good of profit
Below the surface, their hearts are calloused 
They spew division while promising vision
Obscure the ones behind the veil making decisions
On the television sprouting lies lies lies
Crafty politicians spouting lies lies lies
Wowing you with blandness, leave you hypnotized
Seizing all our airways spouting lies lies lies
On the radio
On the radio
On the radio!

On the radio, division
Polished rhetorical persuasion till you can’t see anymore
On the radio!!!
© 2009 eveghost

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