Gonna keep this secret!
You wanna start a riot?
Gotta keep this secret!
Shhhh!  Alright…

They’re posturing, demanding transparency
But do you really wanna see what lies beneath?
The emperor is naked with a toothless grin
But the spectre lingers on just below the surface
There’s a horrific landscape lurking just beneath the veil
They’ll sell you back the liberties you put up for sale
It’s all the same, a different name, a different style 
But a distraction all the while 

Secret! Purse your lips and keep it!
You wanna tear the system?  You wanna live outside it?  

Get real, they’ll proclaim, dash your hopes and your dreams under fists of disdain
Keep your passion secret, purse your lips and keep it!
It serves them right, Alright…

They label human rights as fascism as they bow down to the gods of capitalism
They feed you what you want to hear, so comforting
Force-feeding images of sweet prosperity
When the corporations shell out the big money
You've got one thing right, freedom isn't free
There's a price on each and every politician's head 
And a corporate logo on their sleeve
And the opposition postures like they’re doing God’s work,
Tossing tea into the harbor in a passion play for jerks 
Masquerading as the voice of the working man
But kick the feet out from under him again and again
Murdoch's minions calling out the actions of the left
As if there were really a difference 
Sell out the government to coorporate wealth
And they do it in the open, there's no need to use stealth anymore

And big brother knows what big brother knows
And his cronies in communications aid and abet 
And big brother knows what big brother knows
And his cronies in communications aid and abet
(c) 2009 eveghost

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