My new project has launched!

It started with a strange series of concert promo posters that began popping up in random Scandinavian cities beginning in September of this year. First documented case: Karlstad, Sweden. Then Stockholm. Next, Oslo. Who knows where else? “What’s so strange about that?” you may ask. Concert posters are so prevalent that we almost fail to notice them half of the time, right? Well in the case of these posters, they were for a 2014 tour, advertised in the middle of 2021. The venues were clever plays on local venue names but didn’t actually exist. And most bizarre, the artist. Nobody seems to have heard of him. Who in the hell is Axel Lundén?

A QR code on the poster leads to the website On the surface, it looks like a normal enough musician’s website. But dig a little deeper and you may just tumble down a rabbit hole.

What the hell is this and why should I care? Well, it’s my new multimedia immersive fiction project, a bit of unfiction if that means anything to you. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project for the past seven years and it’s finally here. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done over the years, especially my lyrics, then this might just be something for you. The project will update monthly with new content, so check in on the regular!

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