The Bitter Pill

Be careful what you wish for, 
You may just get what you thought you always wanted
When dreams decay
And a what’s left in your mouth: the bitterest taste
Of the bitterest pill, you were lost in the thrill
In a dance of deception they made you believe
As they whirled you around with your feet off the ground

Left wanting nothing
In the scheme of things
Does it matter, does it make the merest difference at all?

Be cautious of what you speak,
Be always aware of the havoc you wreak
When your dreams decay
And spiral in a head spin much to your dismay
Will you pick yourself up, or just lie down and die
When they spoke of your future did you trust the lie
As they whirled you around with your feet off of the ground

The bitter bitter bitter bitter pill
Dealing the bitter bitter bitter bitter pill.  
© 2004 eveghost

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