The Mystical East

And we used to while the hours in constant praise
Of spirits so wild and strange
Now we’re going through the motions day by day
And the west puts price tags on the things that once held glory
Teaching us the markings of the beast
Welcome to the “mystical east”.

And our paradise is pock marked now
By the refuse of the foreign
Who taught us to place value in the meaningless
So is the wisdom of the Material West
Such is the doctrine of the Material West
So we bow and praise what should matter the least
Welcome to the “mystical east”.

Tell me that our heaven will never be plundered by thieves 
I look into your eyes and I know the soul of the mystical east.  

And the sky, it opens with the same ferocious rain
The face of paradise shall cleanse itself again
The world will shake us off like we had never been
I’ll seek solace in what remains of the pure and the free
And the skulls of the ancestors agape at the atrocities they’ve seen
Day by day by day by day
In this…my Mythical East.

(c) 2006 eveghost

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